Uber Eats now delivers office and school supplies


You might not have to brave crowded stores to get your child’s back-to-school gear. Uber Eats now offers deliveries of office and school supplies from roughly 900 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores across the US. If you need a flurry of binders and pencils for your little one’s classes, you can have them delivered during your lunch break.

Not surprisingly, you’ll avoid the delivery fee and receive a 5 percent discount if you’re an Uber One subscriber who spends at least $15 on a purchase. Uber didn’t say if other office supply shops would be available, but did note this was the “first.”

It may seem odd to order school material through the same app that handles your takeout meals. However, Uber has gradually expanded its deliveries to cover goods ranging from groceries to pharmaceuticals — like DoorDash, Eats is becoming more of a general delivery service. In theory, you’ll pick Uber Eats over rivals like Amazon Prime Now whenever you need something shipped in minutes, not hours or days.

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